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What's the name about?

When I returned to work after having my daughter, I went back to my client services role Part-Time. Working 3 days a week I felt like I could never do quite enough in the time I had, but I also felt that that time away from home was barely justifiable. I was ambitious, but couldn't see how my goals aligned with my place of work.

Having previously worked in sales support, business development, client services and project management, I knew that my skills were in demand. I also knew a group of amazing women who were great professionals and were finding themselves at a cross-roads post baby.

Mutha Collective is a professional workforce of women who know how to get the job done. Launched in 2020, a time where flexibility for people and businesses is paramount, we work remotely to help you achieve your business objectives, and if we do it with a baby strapped to us, well then that's ok.

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