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What I've been learning about LinkedIn

OK, so let me caveat by saying, I am on a journey with LinkedIn. I am not a rockstar, I'm just figuring out how to be better on it and I like to share valuable stuff.

First of all, I've just listened to this podcast which I found really useful, give it a listen, it's a good use of your time, I promise.

It talks about how not to 'oversell', who to connect with, how to attract inbound leads and how to give your posts the best chance of engagement.

Second of all, from everything I've heard, LinkedIn groups have been crap but are getting better. I don't really know what else to add to this apart from, if you're getting great results, I would like to know them please..

Thirdly, what's the difference between Posts and Articles?

Posts are the default 'status update' on Linkedin, just like facebook. these tend to be shorter form and LinkedIn will prompt you with "Share an article, photo, video or idea," or "Write here or use @ to mention someone." When it comes posts you can't share more 700 characters for your post/1300 for company posts. Once you've written your comment/post, it lets you add an image or a video. "Post Settings" allow for privacy (i.e visibility). Choices are Anyone, Anyone + Twitter, only your Connections on Linkedin or just Group Members. It sounds like loooads of people will see it. Depending on how many followers you have, whether they share your content, how strong your hashtag game is, and how blessed you are by LinkedIn's algorithm lords it seems that a limited number of people will see your post. Unless you're doing all the right things, obviously! Once you click on "Post," your erm, post will show immediately in your Feed.

An article is equivalent to a Blog post. Articles have no limits so people can read more info!

To write an Article, you have to click on the "Write an article" icon. An article allows you to display a large image at the top (whereas in a post the image is smaller and is usually underneath the text).

Other differences? Article's come equipped with some basic editing tools, you can include a large Headline, a separate section for body copy, and you can add media (image, video, slides, links or snippets) at the start of each paragraph. A standard post now allows for image, video, document or kudos at the end.

Another differentiator. Posts get shown quickly but are then buried under a deluge of new ones. Your articles will be easier to find by people who read your stuff, since you'll likely write fewer of them than posts. They stay around unless you choose to delete them. But, LinkedIn don't boost your LinkedIn articles, as they do with LinkedIn posts, so you could be limiting your visibility..

Completely baffled? Then try this..

The compromise is - make articles (if you want) but promote them via LinkedIn Posts:

Here is how to do that:

  1. Scroll below to the end of the article

  2. Click on "Share"

  3. Choose "Share in a post"

Have you got any LinkedIn tips that I'm missing?

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