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Our Favourite Appointment Schedulers

If, like me, thinking about the time wasted with back and forth emails (choosing a date and time for your meeting) makes you feel a bit sick, you need an appointment scheduler. Good news, most of them have a free version, have supporting mobile apps and are easy and intuitive to use.

Right now, I like Acuity, it allows customers to book appointments and pay for those appointments at the same time. It’s great for service-based business owners who are paid for their time. You can control details around when appointments can be booked, what times certain appointments are available etc. It integrates with your calendar, and can send reminders to both yourself and the other person.

Doodle I've not used, but I've heard great things! It allows you to easily schedule appoints with multiple people, to find a time that works for everyone. And if you've ever used a Doodle Poll, these are also intergrated into your dashboard.

Calendly works with your google or Office 365 calendar, and only displays the free times between your current appointments. Calendly will add new appointments to your calendar automatically, allows for team scheduling, sends appointment reminder notifications, and allows people to reschedule online without ever emailing you, joy!

And if reading this makes you think 'yesss, but I have no time' let's set up a call and we'll do it for you.

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