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My 5 tips for getting started on Clubhouse

Are you a total CH newbie? Feel like you might fall down another social media rabbithole? Fear not friend, it's actually quite a welcome break from Zoom. Bonus, you don't have to look presentable!

1) Fill in your bio, and don't be shy. It's more informal than LinkedIn, let your personality show. Put the best stuff at the top (think the top 3 lines) for those that have super short attention spans,

2) Once you enter a room, you are automatically muted. You won't see that you are muted, but you are, don't panic. Get back to your noisy eating/children/frolics.

3) Conversely, once you are invited to the stage or to join the panel, the etiquette is to press mute asap, then, once you've been invited to speak, unmute (obvs!)

4) There is no like button, but if you want to show your appreciation, you can tap the mic button on and off, like a little virtual clap.

5) Invite sparingly. The longer you are the platform and the more active you are the more invites you seem to get. But, once invited, you can't uninvite and re-use for someone else (if you see that that person hasn't yet taken up the invite).

That's it for now. Are you on there? Come and be my pal. I'm @annabellew

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