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I was wrong about being fully booked

I wanted to be fully booked. That was the goal.

No space, just wall to wall bookings. Constant productivity. A stream of referrals.

You know the vibe, sitting cross legged in lululemon like I've got a rubber pelvis. Folding fivers into my kids pockets. Drinking oat milk lattes. Laughing freely as our offspring walk willingly to preschool.

And then I got busy..

Suddenly I'm context switching like a motherflipper. Leaving dinner early to write. Double-booking play dates and forgetting birthdays. Failing to work on my business in any meaningful way. Every jumper, always just a little bit stained.

'Oh yeah, you've got to email your list' I'd say ignoring my subscribers as I wrote thoughtful emails for my clients.

[I mean, look, real talk, what I really want to do is waft around the house in silken leisure wear, picking projects of my fancy, drinking Bailey's. But we are where we are..]

So I've changed the goal, it's not fully booked, that shit's bananas. I'm punching about a 7-8/10 with wiggle room.

She sounds like a canny lass, you think, I wonder what her availability's like?

Well, I've a little spare time, if that's what you're asking..

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