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Excuse me, but what the heck is a Virtual assistant?

A 'Virtual Assistant' is a new-ish concept to many people. Effectively, it's a catch all term for business services (design, copywriting, accounting etc) that are performed remotely.

We've found many small business owners have their time tied up in administrative tasks that could be easily outsourced to a capable person. This allows entrepreneurs and start-ups to focus on client acquistion, delivering their product/service or just spend time doing the things they enjoy the most.

Given the challenges this year has presented, flexibility has become so important and the ability to dial these resources up and down each month is appealing to lots of business owners. Also, us at MC feel good about the fact that a) it makes sense for your business and b) not having to take teams of great people in and out of a business is just better, ethically and financially.

Ps If needed, we can suit up like the best of them but if you have the mental image of a smiling woman in a bland suit with a headset on please take it out of your head (it makes us feel a bit sick).

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