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Action Over Perfection

Life isn't perfect, so it's unlikely your work will be.

I used to be a perfectionist, then I got busy, and had a kid, and tried to start a new business the week I got married and then well, something had to give. I'll sometimes find it spring up in a certain corner of my life (hello, fellow weekend perfectionists!) or maybe if you're really bogged down, it can eat into other parts of your life. I'm no therapist, but here's what I'm learning on my quest to avoid feeling like I can't deliver.

It has to be perfect! Or does it?

No. Having something launch and be perfect is very unlikely. It's also a lot of pressure for that one person delivering the pitch/developing the project etc etc. What's a better solution?

Immediate action and learning (or failing) fast as you go. It's often an iterative process, especially when it comes to working in teams.

So what can I do?

Do the damn thing.

Stop thinking about it. Preparing it. Writing lists, Getting ready for Launch. Working more on your personal development. Just do it (thanks Nike). Focus on the work you can do today. Keep moving forward, one small imperfect step after the other.

Break things down

Can what you want to achieve be broken down into smaller chunks so you can achieve better quality in less time? Do that. Definately do that!

Share Early

Don't squirrel yourself away ready to show 'the big reveal', get feedback early on and you'll have a greater understanding of the project/team response and what scope you have to deliver.

Generally (much like this blog) as long as things look and feel “good enough” then it’s probably good to go.

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