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Admin Tasks to Outsource

If you find yourself asking 'where does the time go??' each day, then maybe some of the jobs below can be outsourced. If your current admin set-up isn't serving you well, then check the list below for ideas of jobs to pass over:

  • Filtering Emails

  • Sending Client Invoices

  • Database Building / CRM

  • Customer Service Emails

  • Send Cards, Thank You, etc

  • Travel Arrangement and Planning

  • Transcribe Video and Audio Files

  • Preparing Online Meeting Minutes

  • Creating Forms or Reports

  • Document Template Creation

  • Online Research

  • Blog Publishing Management

  • Moderating Blog Comments

  • Adding Tags & Images to Blog Posts

  • Creating Operating Procedures & Training Materials

  • Basic Editing of Audio Files

  • Adding Intro’s and Outro’s to Videos & Podcasts

  • Powerpress (Podcasting WP Plugin) Installation

  • Podcast Setup on iTunes / LISBYN

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