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5 misconceptions about virtual assistant's

1. A VA can only do admin

When you hear the term 'VA' what springs to mind? (don't say Alexa!) Some people automatically think a VA only does admin and is effectively a remote secretary. In reality, it describes a really varied group of professionals. A broader way of looking at it is simply considering your VA as a remote worker who works closely with clients to support their businesses. Virtual assistants can work across many roles; administrative assistant, content writer, marketer, social media manager, graphic designer, business development, customer service, and more.

2. VA's can do everything you want them to do

VA's are mostly multi-talented, but expecting your VA to know how to do everything is a big ask. Depending on the job/project and their skills, they may be able to do two or more roles at the same time (i.e. content writing and social media management), but they will have their area of expertise. This will be what they do best and what they do quickest. If you're unsure, ask them! Any VA with integrity will refer you if your project sits outside their capability.

3. VAs are for one off projects only

While there are lots of instances where hiring a VA is a short-term fix, it completely depends on the client or business. There are a lot of VA’s who work for long-term projects or are working full-time for a company, which gives them an opportunity to maximise their potential and have a great ongoing relationship with their clients.

4. VA’s are always available

Unlike your standard employee who will usually work set hours, VA’s often have multiple projects and clients. Time and time management is something your VA will know all about so don't worry about your project Vs others deadlines. But, it does mean that your VA probably won't be on-call every minute of the day. If you want an “on call” VA, mention this at the outset.

Every VA’s hours of operation are different, and every project requires a different level of attention. Once you've got a project plan agreed with your VA, this will all be clear!

5. A VA is expensive

Says who? Virtual assistants are self employed contractors being paid according to their working hours. If you think the rate seems expensive, consider the expense of hiring a full time member of staff, securing their office and IT equipment, paying their income tax and national insurance contributions and additional employee benefits. Hiring a VA is a flexible and cost effective solution which gives you ultimate productivity.

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