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3 lists to clear your mind

Passing over a to-do list

Inspired by an exercise called '3 lists to freedom', this quick task can bring clarity to the jobs that are dragging you down and sucking your time. Even if you choose not to hire a VA, perhaps delegating to your team will lighten the 'agh' load..

1. Things you hate doing.

I hate accounting, it's not one of my strengths, it takes me a disproportiante amount of time and it makes me want to flip a table. You might also hate accounting (if you do, ask me, I know people). Maybe branding confuses you, data entry is a 'hard no' or the thought of proof reading makes you feel all hot and annoyed. If you feel annoyed just writing it down, you need to pass it on.

2. Things you can’t do yourself.

I'd love to draw beautiful pictures, but again, it's not one of my skills. I'd love to speak another language, I don't know how to! Just leave it, you have other stuff. Maybe you're starting from zero with social media, maybe you struggle to write interesting content, perhaps you lack creativity or maybe you're just really good at something else, and that's the thing you should focus on doing.

3. Things you shouldn’t be doing.

You're not a superhero, time is finite. Add to this list the things that shouldn't sit with you, but perhaps you are holding on to. Breathe in, breathe out, and write it down.

Do you have a list of annoying jobs? Excellent, drop me a line and we can formulate a plan.

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