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That time I posted about my 25 jobs on LinkedIn

I used to think the fact that I'd had lots of jobs was a bad thing. That I had to edit my cv into one perfect 'golden thread' of corporate progression.


I came up with creative reasons at interview as to why I chose not to carve out a career in cold calling, or why I'd found it 'challenging' to hit a ridiculous target when my previous employers sales strategy changed with the MD's mood, or why not getting paid on time wasn't acceptable. I allied myself with a business I'd not worked in, promised hours of my time for a culture I didn't have any experience of and promised commitment to a cause that I didn't know much about.


I thought that I looked like a flake, and maybe to those people I did. But I did have enough self belief to know that that was bullshit. So I continued to try and find my right 'home'.


I worked hard, and I worked long and then when I had a kid, it was harder again, so I started my own business.

Read my full cv here.

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